Possible Radiating Display

by SoMeTHinG RaNdoM

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The mind’s reality of the dream's interpretation OR the dream’s reality of the mind’s interpretation: There is a theory that this entire universe is an illusion we create, either individually or co-creatively. This song is our translation of that philosophy. In all of us we have a quiet/secret space in our minds where we create our universe, this song is about that space, which is reflected differently to all. This is our second release for our up-coming album, What's His Name + That 1 Chic & those other people.


Mind over matter, brain spatter open up your eyes,
To get this data, What sounds better?
A walk in the park or a trip to the universe with a verse, hit search,
Pink polka dot prisms, vibrate with the rhythm,
Dreams become visions, Psychotic neurotic incisions.
Welcome to the other side, can you stand the boom shake pow
Might be in this abyss for a while, the anthem is rough rugged and wild. Free fall to the apex, thoughts stretch like latex,
Is this your fascination or is it your imagination?

My eyes have seen the glory in all its splendor,
Enter with no preconceived thoughts you are the inventor,
Lily pads drip with emotion, flip in the ocean, under water orgasm,
Cosmic penetration feel the vibration, its whatever you imagine.

Possible Radiating Display,
Moving in the atmosphere, like kerosene,
I dream too of dancing dolls and Peaches, but your beats move my rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, Possible Radiating Display.
Driving, on an open highway, no traffic to slow me,
But I stay, low, slow, flow, flow, flow, Possible Radiating Display,
With a baby sky pulling me in, to silhouettes of the Eternal,
Possible Radiating Display.

Is it that I'm psychotic or an erotic, they say my logic is plotted,
But I just don't give a damn. purple mountains no majesty,
What a tragedy, welcome to my reality, black hole fatality.
Hieroglyphics with lyrics, become spirits,
Begin to give the appearance, of a dream that I once had.
Though my soul is cold I can feel the temperature rise,
Meta morph into a porpoise and then take a dive

Possible Radiating Display,
Hues, rays of limits and not, yet increasingly invisible,
No sun, no rain, a face so plain, Possible Radiating Display,
A blue glow a radiating energy, so powerful,
A storm to my wind, pulling me in, he said it's just a dream,
An interpretation, he said, Possible Radiating Display.

Mind over matter, Possible Radiating Display,
Dreams become visions, Possible Radiating Display,
Welcome to the other side, Possible Radiating Display,
Is it your fascination or is it your imagination,
Possible Radiating Display.


released April 14, 2013
Our Mission and Mantra is Music as Art not Vanity, our songs are about sound, mood, lyrics and art . . . not the individuals involved in it. Much like the Mariachi Musicians in Mexico, whose faces are never painted, keeping to the tradition of the musical art of Mariachi, we are faceless as individuals. Unless you know someone who works on this album personally, or if it’s for official documents, there will be no personal credits given. We have poets, painters, philosophers, social personalities and, OBVIOUSLY, fabulous musicians, all wanting to be creative and artistic. So close your eyes and feel it move you, in whatever way it does. Each song will be something random, and very different from the last one, so love them all, only one or two, or none.



all rights reserved


SoMeTHinG RaNdoM Atlanta, Georgia

Just a couple of creatively minded souls moving through the universe as art's soldiers utilizing sound. WHAT's His Name + That 1 CHIC & those other people, from nowhere and everywhere, going everywhere and nowhere, doing, having and being everything and nothing . . . ... more

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